Greenery often plays second fiddle to lush and colorful flowers when it comes to wedding decorations yet it’s greenery that builds the foundation for a gorgeous floral arrangement or bridal bouquet. Why not give it the spotlight? See just how beautiful green can be!

Style Story: Greenery

Simple. Natural. Beautiful.
Wedding decorations can quickly get out of hand both visually and financially. We love how simple and pretty a greenery theme can be. No worries about coordinating colors or pricing out different types of flowers. Find the type of greenery that fits your style and continue that theme from the wedding invitations to the wedding cake! The Budding with Love Seal and Send is a beautiful option, and one of many you’ll find when shopping at Invitations by Dawn.

Be creative…
Greenery is uniquely versatile and often more durable than flowers, which means you’ll find lots of ways to use it throughout the wedding. We think the wreaths shown above as chair decorations are a fabulous example of clever décor. Imagine something similar on your reception tables as part of your centerpieces or hanging on the doors to your reception venue.

Just as wearable!
That’s right, greenery is just as wearable as roses and daisies. Wear it as a headpiece with your veil and ask your florist to fashion it into boutonnieres for the men. Greenery is quite androgynous, which means you can make it as feminine or as masculine as you like. Just think of all the different greenery you could use and all the ways you can work with it. You’ll have fun discovering new uses for such an underestimated staple of weddings.

Photo Credits: Cake: Gia Canali Photography via Brides, Bride: Bryce Covey via Once Wed, Table: Cinzia Bruschini via Elizabeth Ann Designs, Bridesmaid: Braedon Photography via Green Wedding Shoes, Chairs: Virgil Bunao via Mod Wedding, Groom: Janelle Rodriguez Photography via Poppy Tree