Vintage fashion trends have enveloped today’s weddings in a whirlwind of antique-inspired gowns, décor and accessories. We asked a few members of our team to share their favorite vintage wedding trends and why these trends have captured their hearts.


Vintage Romance
“I think vintage wedding themes are inherently romantic. The two cannot be separated in my mind but I absolutely adore a wedding that highlights the more romantic side of vintage style. Antique-inspired designs are my favorite! We offer a pretty awesome variety of vintage wedding invitations with antique flair. Some are more romantic than others, like this Unlocking Love Wedding Invitation with pearl embossed lock and key. The gate-fold is gorgeous and lends a uniquely mysterious quality to the invite; it reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time, The Secret Garden.” – Heidi


Vintage Florals
“If someone would have told me 5 years ago that vintage floral patterns would be the next big trend, I might have laughed. Vintage style was just hitting mainstream and who could have predicted how it would explode? Years later, the revival of vintage fashion is still going strong, and bold floral patterns have been leading the way. It’s easy to see why. Lush blooms paired with such sensual colors couldn’t be more inspiring! We have created such an amazing collection of vintage floral wedding invitations, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. As I browse all the beautiful options, I find myself drawn to soft, muted colors like those featured in the Boho Flowers Invitation. Simply stunning.” – Tara


Vintage Lace
“When I think of lace, I think of a long lost art. Something my Grandmother had a talent for but a skill that was never passed down through the generations. All kinds of stunning lace decorations, accents and clothing are now readily available, which means a lace wedding theme is totally within reach! Lucky for us because lace is just downright beautiful, and it looks amazing on so many things from the wedding invitations to the reception table centerpieces. Seriously, it’s everything you could want in a wedding theme: meaningful, versatile and gorgeous! Just take one look at this Lace Embrace Wedding Invitation and tell me it’s not absolutely perfect.” – Mindy