Let’s explain what an invitation fastener is first. In the world of stationery, a fastener is a clever/attractive way of attaching one piece of paper to another. Just ask your scrapbooking friends and they’ll show you all kinds of different fasteners they’ve used in their own projects.

We love this idea for wedding invitations because it’s fun, easy and beautiful! Fasteners help you keep all the pieces of your invitation ensemble neatly collected for your wedding guests with just a simple piece of metal.

Below are the three fasteners we used to create a neat and tidy ensemble out of the Wood and Lace Wedding Invitation, response card and reception card.
DIY Wedding Invitation Fasteners
1. Brads
Look in the upper left corner of the two enclosure cards and you’ll see the top of the silver metal brad. A brad includes two metal feet that punch through the paper and bend backward on the other side to secure all three pieces of paper together. Brads are simple, attractive and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

2. Eyelets
An eyelet requires a few tools for assembly. You can learn how to set an eyelet in this helpful video from Scrapbook TV. We used a silver metal eyelet and natural twine to create a perfectly finished look. Eyelets also come in a variety of colors and sizes.

3. Paper Clips (pretty ones)
Paper clips are your easiest option by far! We’re not talking about your typical office paper clips. We’re talking about all those fancy paper clips you’ll find at your local hobby store. We chose spiral paper clips from Hobby Lobby to hold this invitation ensemble together.

There you have it — three easy (and cute) ways to keep your wedding invitation, response card and reception card together in one neatly arranged ensemble. Now it’s your turn to get creative!