The contrast between blush and plum is so pretty, it’s nearly impossible not be swept away by this romantic wedding color combo. See how well these two colors complement each other, and use these ideas to inspire a few of your own.

Color Crush: Blush and Plum

So romantic it’s dreamy.
The invitation chosen to introduce this look is a gorgeous depiction of blush and plum coming together to create something so pretty, guests will struggle to ever throw the invitation away. Wedding invitations with ribbon are perfect for incorporating a second color without it needing to be a part of the printed design. We personalized the One Promise wedding invitation with the darker of the two colors (nice and easy to read) and we used the lighter of the two colors for the satin ribbon accent.

Pink and purple…really?
Blush is pink and plum is purple, right? The magic comes in when you lighten that pink to a soft romantic blush and darken that purple to a bold and juicy plum. The contrast between the two colors is what makes the combination absolutely gorgeous for weddings. Play up this contrast wherever you can: in the flowers, the bridal party’s attire and the wedding invitations.

Flowers, flowers, flowers!
Whether you’re purchasing fresh flowers for the entire wedding or saving a little money with silk flower arrangements, we suggest finding flowers in varying shades of blush and purple. Don’t be shy to mix all kinds of shades of these two colors together. They look amazing together in floral arrangements and you’ll score extra style points with different types of flowers lending gorgeous texture to every bouquet and arrangement.

Photo Credits: Shoes: Michelle Cross Photography via Midwest Bride, Table Settings: Magnolia Rouge via Magnolia Rouge, Bride: Happy Wedd, Bridesmaids: Amy & Jordan Photography via Wedding Chicks, Groom: Jacquelynn Brynn Photography via Seattle Bride Magazine, Cake: Christina Brosnan via One Fab Day