Gold Glitter Wedding Invitations

A few members of our team recently attended a bridal show in Philadelphia called Your Wedding Experience by David Tutera. We had the opportunity to chat with lots of brides and show off a variety of gorgeous invitation designs but nothing captured their attention quite like gold glitter wedding invitations.

Now we have an extensive collection of Gold Wedding Invitations but bridal show attendees were drawn to the gold glitter designs, and we totally get it. Gold glitter wedding invitations are real showstoppers! They are undeniably glamorous and well suited for today’s weddings, which are more a celebration of style and personality than they have ever been.

Gold Glitter Wedding Invitations

The gold glitter invitations you see here feature glitter paper that is treated with a clear coating to hold every speck of glitter in place. Glitter won’t rub off on the invite and guests won’t experience a shower of glitter as they open the invitation. We offer other types of glitter designs as well including more affordable faux glitter designs. Shop all glitter wedding invitations to see everything we have to offer.

The invitations featured at the top and bottom right of the image are a part of the Colin Cowie Collection. If you’re looking for luxury wedding invitations, his collection is a great place to start!

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