Fall definitely rivals summer as the favorite time of year to get married and it’s easy to see why. Fall wedding invitations come in all kinds of styles to reflect its vastly beautiful nature, so we asked our team to share their favorite autumn wedding trends and why.

Autumn Wedding Trends Florals

Why I love Autumn Florals…
“When you think of fall you may not think of flowers, which is why I think I love it so much. Flowers aren’t necessarily iconic of fall but they are iconic of weddings and the two mix so well! Have you ever seen a bouquet of roses in fall colors? It’s absolutely gorgeous and it translates beautifully into wedding invitations. The Lovable Roses Foil Wedding Invitation is the perfect example. The best part is that it really doesn’t matter what flowers you choose. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly flower, you’ll have no problem finding more affordable flowers in fall colors and you’ll find floral wedding invitations to coordinate with a variety of different flower choices.”                        – Brooke


Why I can’t get enough of Autumn Leaves…
“I can’t help but love the classic fall theme of autumn leaves. Leaves changing colors in the fall are what make the season after all! Who can resist the different shades of red, orange and yellow? Even if it’s not your favorite season, you simply can’t deny its beauty. As much as I love classic themes, I do like to add a modern twist. This theme is versatile enough to do that. Autumn wedding invitations that are a little more stylized, like Feathered Fall Wedding Invitation, are definitely what I lean toward.”                                                                                                                                                                              – Sara


Why Autumn Woodland is my fave…
“I like wedding invitations that stand out against the rest. My favorite invites tend to have strong design themes that really catch the eye. Woodland designs have a natural fall feel yet they’re different than the usual autumn themes, which is why I think they’re absolutely perfect! Couples can choose a woodland theme that’s more obviously fall with an array of changing leaves or they can choose something a touch more subtle like this watercolor birch trees wedding invitation.”                – Julie