Lace. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word?
Romance – oh yeah.
Elegant – definitely.
Wedding – absolutely!

If you’re loving the lace wedding look, there are really no limits to how you can make it happen. Add it everywhere – starting with a lace wedding invitation and ending with (can you believe it) a lace wedding cake!

Style Story: Lace

Invitation to romance
Send a lace wedding invitation to let guests in on the romance they’ll be feeling at your wedding. Embossed lace designs, letterpress, ribbon accents or even ornate laser cut invitations will wow your wedding guests.

Beautiful bride
Of course you’ll have lace on your wedding dress. You just have to decide where and how much and what kind of statement you want to make. An all-lace dress with simple accessories will make your vintage sentiments and chic style stand out. Like things subtle? Wearing a veil edged in lace and a lace garter will whisper romance.

Take every opportunity
Look at every pew in the church, and every table, floral arrangement, chair, window and empty space of ceiling as a place to show off your lace wedding flair. You don’t have to lace up every single surface, but scope out your ceremony and reception sites for the places that will make the biggest impact. Lace runners on tables, yards of lace in swags over the head table, lace favor boxes – they’ll all work together to create the romantic look you want.

You CAN have your lace wedding cake – and eat it, too!
Think outside the fabric store when it comes to lace. Ask your baker to create a lace fondant frosting for your wedding cake or to put gourmet cupcakes in laser cut cupcake wraps for a sweet ending to your day.

Tip: Use the same or complimentary patterns of lace so you don’t end up with a pattern clash. Don’t forget sheer fabric with lace patterns if you want an airy accent.

Photo Credit: Invitation: Lacy Flourishes – All In One Invitation, Cake: Gateaux Inc via the Cake Blog, Shoes: KT Merry via modwedding, Veil: Brookelyn Photography via The Brides Cafe, Dress: The Wedding Chicks, Hanging Decor: Sarah Bray Photography via  Bridal Guide