How to be your own wedding DJ

You’ve been to one too many wedding dances where everyone was forced onto the dance floor for the Hokey Pokey (or worse, the Chicken Dance. shiver…). So have we. If the last thing you want is to put your guests through that awkward experience, consider making your own wedding dance playlist.

You could ask a professional wedding DJ to make your playlist happen, but you’ll also be paying for the DJ’s emcee routine such as games and activities, as well as lighting. If the idea of total control over the playlist, the pacing and the mood of your wedding dance appeals to you, go for it! If being your own wedding DJ is music to your ears, here’s what you’ll need…

  1. Your choice of music-playing device. iPods, iPads, tablets, phones, laptops are all great options.
  1. A spare battery or charge chord and available outlet. Playing music drains a device quickly so a backup power source is a must.
  1. A timeline of any special events you want to add to your dance, like the father-daughter dance, the bouquet toss, the dollar dance, etc
  1. PA or DJ speakers and amplifiers from a rental company, music store or your friend who has a garage band (make sure they’re the right size for your venue)
  1. Microphones for speeches or announcements.
  1. Lights for setting a dance party mood (if that’s your goal).
  1. A friend to keep tabs on the equipment, the playlist and your timeline during the dance in case something needs announcing or adjusting.
  1. A thorough test of all equipment at the venue before the big day


  • Use the crossfade setting in whatever music program you’re using to ensure a smooth transition from song to song.
  • Use the Sound Check setting if using iTunes. This volume matching tool in ensures all songs play at the same volume.
  • Turn off any clicking noise made by the iPod (or other device) in the device’s Settings.
  • Prepare to dance the night away – YOUR way!