Did you know that, once upon a time, only royalty were allowed to wear purple? Truth. Purple dye was very expensive, and only His and Her Majesties could afford it. Then they kept the look all to themselves.

Color Crush: Purple

But not anymore! Everyone can wear purple now, and it’s most beautifully worn at weddings. A purple wedding will show that you’re queen for a day and that you’re not afraid to show your great sense of style. Need ideas for putting together a unique purple wedding? Oh, do we have ideas for you!

Request the honour
Purple wedding invitations – whatever their style or design – are an elegant way to invite your guests to your purple wedding. Invitations with watercolor designs hint at an artistically put together wedding. Purple flowers will fill guests with visions of romance. Bold stripes, designs and patterns will spark their curiosity and have them wondering just how stylish this wedding is going to be!

Choose your shade
Think purple is purple? No way. There’s a big difference between sweet violet and rich amethyst and deep eggplant. Choose your shade of purple based on the season of your wedding (pastel in the spring, bright in the summer, jewel tones in the fall and winter). Or find a way to mix all shades of purple into your bridesmaids dresses, bridal bouquet and flower arrangements.

Pops of purple
Purple is definitely a get-noticed color. If you’re worried about the color overpowering your venue, consider one of our favorite uses of color: in pops!

Pops of purple in a white, black, silver or gold wedding color scheme give interesting focal points throughout your entire day. Put purple flowers against pale bridesmaids’ dresses. Spell out romantic words like “love” and “I do” and “Mr & Mrs” in big wooden letters painted purple and lit with white lights. Rock purple shoes – both you and the groom! Or add a touch of purple ribbon to your flowers, wedding favors, decorations and more.

Ready to give your purple wedding the royal treatment? We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Photo Credit: Groom/Groomsmen: Famous Outfits, Cake: Cake Central, Bride: Coordinated For You, Bridesmaids: Heather Payne Photography via The Knot, Reception: Colin Miller via Colin Cowie Weddings