So you want a green wedding, but mint and sage and moss green just aren’t cutting it. You want it to be richer and more elegant. You want it to stand out in a dramatic way. Then your shade of green has to be emerald. It’s such a deeply beautiful color that it’s been the color of the year, and we’re certain it will be THE color for upcoming weddings.

Our emerald color crush shows you how to create that unique emerald wedding, and how to do it in memorable style.


When you’re dressing your attendants, think silk, satin or taffeta. They’re soft and drapey so they catch the light and glisten like the facets of the gem itself. That goes for shoes, too. Want to really stand out? Dazzle with emerald sequins dresses. And don’t forget the men! Vests and ties in fabric that matches your maids’ dresses will make your entire wedding party gleam.

Here’s your chance to drop hints to your guests about your wedding color and style. Emerald wedding invitations include green papers, green designs, or white or cream paper with green ink.

Emerald is such a bold color, you might want to use it sparingly as a “pop” for a neutral background like gold, white or black. Green candle holders, glassware, table runners, buntings and even your emerald wedding cake will be total showstoppers. Tell your florist to use plenty of deep green foliage with shiny leaves to set off the flowers you choose for your wedding bouquet, centerpieces and arrangements.

Jewel Tone
All this talk about emerald weddings and not mention the emerald itself? No way! Look to your family for any heirloom emerald jewelry you can borrow to wear on your wedding day. Or, splurge and purchase a statement piece of emerald jewelry to wear on your wedding day and every special occasion after it. Don’t have the cash to drop on the real deal? Faux emeralds cut from high-quality green glass and crystal will bring on all the sparkle you need.

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