No matter what fashions are trending or what wedding themes are popular, candlelight will remain an elegant and timeless choice. Perfect for two romantics, a wedding by candlelight is truly unforgettable. Here are just a few gorgeous ways to create a romantic glow at your wedding.

Wedding Style Story Romantic Glow

Perfect Reflection
If you think there is no way a wedding invitation can reflect your candlelit wedding theme, then you haven’t seen our real foil wedding invitations. The Truly Modern Invitation shown here in rose gold foil is one of several gorgeous designs featuring the beautiful glow of real foil. The rose gold option lends a warmer tone than silver or gold, and it’s perfect for introducing a candlelit wedding.

Reach New Heights
We recommend gathering candles of varying heights and sizes for your wedding. You might be tricked into thinking you need a lot of candles to achieve the perfect ambiance but the truth is it’s more about placement. Use your candles in varying heights to create clusters of light throughout your ceremony and reception, which result in a much more natural look. Don’t forget to find the perfect unity candle to set the mood for your unity ceremony, too.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Although this may sound obvious, it’s important to remember that committing to a candlelit wedding means committing to dim lighting. This is going to affect some of the details you choose for your reception decorations. Anything featuring wording like menu cards, escort cards or table cards should use large, bold fonts that are easy to read. Choose light colors for other decorations like flowers and centerpieces to help them pop in dim lighting. The pink and green flowers shown here are great examples of colors that show beautiful definition even in low light.

Photo Credit: Reception Table: Petalena: Creative Designs for Weddings and Special Events, Candles and Mirrors: A Celestial Bean, Candles in the corner: Colin Cowie Weddings, Candles in Aisle: Colin Cowie Weddings, Couple holding Candles: Stephanie Williams via Ruche, Candles and Roses: Colin Cowie Weddings