No one truly knows where the tradition of associating certain types of gifts or jewels with anniversary milestones came from. Some theorize the tradition began in the 1800s during the Victorian era in the United Kingdom and then hopped over the ocean to what is now the U.S.

Regardless, having a pre-designated milestone gift — or, at least, a starting point to brainstorm gifts — is very helpful, especially when you and your loved one are on your 20th or 25th anniversary and might be running out of gift ideas!

Hallmark compiled a list of anniversary milestones and their traditional and modern gift matches. You can choose to follow some, all, or none, depending on what you like, but it’s also fun to delve into the history behind why we do this!

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

So, for example, if it’s your 4th anniversary, you know the traditional gift might be something like a basket of fruit or a bouquet of flowers. If you want to try a more modern gift, consider getting your hubby that much-needed fancy spice rack or something for your kitchen you wish you’d gotten at your wedding, but never did!

Are you celebrating a special anniversary and plan on throwing a party? Don’t forget the anniversary invitations!