As you’re helping the bride prepare for her big wedding day, you’re probably also on the lookout for helpful information about bridal showers and, particularly, bridal shower invitations. Finding information about bridal shower invitations can be difficult because so many resources are focused on only the wedding invitations. This time, though, you’ve come to the right place!

Bridal Shower Invite Wording

The Invitation Text

Arguably the most important part of the bridal shower invitation is the text written on the invitation! Make sure to include the following on the invitation; we’ve put the information in logical order, but that’s not set in concrete—it’s your choice how to organize!

  • A celebratory line that could become a fun heading; some examples we’ve come up with are:
    • Join us in celebrating the bride-to-be!
    • Let’s celebrate with our friend [the bride’s name]!
    • Let’s shower the bride!
    • You’re invited to a bridal shower honoring [the bride’s name].
  • The bride’s first and last name (if you didn’t include it already in the celebratory line)
  • Date and time of the party
  • Hosted by [your name, name of bridesmaid(s), name of friend(s)]
  • Attire information; you could write something like:
    • Dress your best!
    • Casual attire is welcome.
  • RSVP request (by a certain date and to whom + contact information)
  • Registration information if gifts are encouraged. If you don’t include registry information or any mention of gifts, it’s up to the guests whether or not they want to bring something special.

The Invitation Itself

The bridal shower invitations you send to potential attendees should align with what you—presumably, the host—and/or what the bride has planned for the party theme. The bride is usually not involved in the planning, preparation or execution of her bridal shower, but can give input on a theme (or no theme).

The bridal shower invitation wording should follow the theme/style of the party. If you choose a specific theme like a kitchen bridal shower, you might word the invitations with fun kitchen-inspired wording (the Kitchen Gadgets Petite Bridal Shower Invitation is a great example of wording). If you aren’t choosing a theme, create wording that follows the more formal or more casual style of the shower. Make sure the invitation contains all the necessary information listed in the text section above.

Finally, have fun with the design! It doesn’t need to be fancy or professional unless that’s the theme you’re shooting for. You can create an invitation with so many different themes and styles like rustic, fairy tale, floral, lace, and more. Start shopping bridal shower invitations to find your favorites.

The Timing of Inviting

Six to eight weeks before the bridal shower, get the address list together with direct input from the bride about who she wants to attend. Also, email out-of-town guests to let them know the date for travel and they should expect an invitation shortly. One month before the shower, send out all the invitations and get ready for RSVPs and the rest of your planning! Check out our post on Bridal Shower Basics to see what’s next in the planning journey.