What Is A Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a way for family and friends of the bride to celebrate her engagement and upcoming marriage. Usually, the maid of honor hosts the party but these days this responsibility is often shared by a few different people in the bridal party. Be sure to decide who is interested in planning the shower well in advance of the potential party and wedding date. The maid of honor usually initiates this conversation.

Bridal showers don’t have to be full of just games, since those don’t appeal to everyone, but can be planned around a fun activity day, like a spa day, craft day, or group trip to a state park for walking, swimming, having a bonfire, etc. The party should match the bride’s style and preferences but she doesn’t have to (and really shouldn’t) be involved in the planning for her party. We highly recommend sending bridal shower invitations to lend a slightly formal feel to the event and make it truly special for the bride and guests.

For more information about the work that’ll go into planning and hosting a bridal shower, check out our Bridal Shower Basics blog post!