An around-the-clock bridal shower is designed around giving the couple gifts for all 24 hours of the day. This bridal shower theme has grown in popularity over the last decade and has even crossed over into the realm of baby showers. It’s a clever way to get guests interacting with the bridal shower theme and to make sure there is a well-rounded assortment of gifts for the bride and groom.

Around the Clock Bridal Shower

If you’re thinking about hosting an event like this, you can find around-the-clock bridal shower invitations designed to communicate this clever theme. The Antique Dream Invitation shown is a great example. Invitations by Dawn also offers a more contemporary design called Modern Times. Just like all bridal shower invitations, you choose the wording for these invites. However, these invitations allow the hostess to indicate what hour of the day each guest should shop for in the invite’s design. So fun and CUTE! You can assign one guest for every hour of the day or you can assign a few different guests to more popular hours like 9 a.m. or 5 p.m.

Keep in mind that you can use regular bridal shower invitations for an around-the-clock shower. Just make sure to indicate a specific time for the guest and include wording like “Please bring a gift appropriate for the time indicated.” Make sure to include registry information either on the invitation or by word of mouth. Guests can still shop the couple’s registry and easily adhere to the bridal shower theme. If guests need some gift ideas appropriate for their assigned time, direct them to Around the Clock Shower Gift Ideas on