Give your winter wedding invitations a little extra love with these easy and beautiful DIY accents. We used the Shaded Grey Invitation to show you 5 great ideas for dressing up your invites.

Winter Wedding Invitations Ideas

1. Feathered Fancy
We used lace ribbon and snow white feathers to give these invites a whimsical winter look. The ribbon was tied around the stems of the feathers, then wrapped around to the back of the invite and tied in a knot.

2. Glorious Glitter
If you LOVE real glitter but would rather not glitter bomb your potential wedding guests, use glitter paper to create a sparkling halo around your invites. We recommend using spray adhesive or double-sided tape for securing the base layer. (Make sure your invite will still fit in its envelope before layering all of your invitations.)

3. Bits of Sparkle
Make your wedding invitations beautiful with stick-on rhinestones from your local hobby store (you’re never too old to play with stickers). Apply these little bits of sparkle strategically within the invitation’s design and admire the transformation!

4. Simply Charming
Ribbon wedding invitations are beautiful, and charms are one of the easiest (and prettiest) ways to dress up an invitation. Grab the charm of your choosing and string it through a ribbon that coordinates with the color and design of your invitations. Wrap the ribbon around the back of the invite, tie it in a knot and you’ve just created a gorgeous custom detail.

5. So Pretty!
Get romantic with your winter wedding invitations! Silver thread holds one silver bead on this vintage flourish wedding invitation, creating a subtle accent that’s absolutely captivating. Thread the bead and then tie the string around the back of the invitation leaving a little room for the bead to dangle above your wording. We recommend using glue dots or double-sided tape to secure the string along the back of the invite.