A sip and see is a party thrown after baby is born. Family and friends are invited to drop by and see the baby as well as enjoy a drink and a snack while they are there. The idea is to celebrate the arrival of baby in a more casual atmosphere since some mothers/couples aren’t huge fans of the full-on baby shower.

What Is A Sip And See Shower

The new parents can host the sip and see or the parents can ask a close friend or family member to plan the party. They often take place at the home of the new parents but can certainly be held elsewhere. Typically, a sip and see is planned a couple months after the baby is born. This way Mom, Dad and Baby are somewhat settled into a routine and exposure to germs isn’t as risky.

A sip and see party is not focused around gifts although some guests will bring gifts especially if there wasn’t a baby shower prior to Baby’s arrival. The couple should address the gift situation (no gifts, specific gifts, gifts to charity, etc.) on the sip and see party invitations so guests are clear on what’s expected. You can use most baby shower invitations as sip and see invitations with just a simple change in wording but there are also some pretty adorable sip and see designs available. Shop our collection of Baby Shower Invitations to find the right design for your party.

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