A 50th wedding anniversary is a truly special occasion, one that requires a lot time, thought and planning to make it just right for the couple and party guests. We’ve gathered some 50th wedding anniversary ideas that are sure to inspire you!

Style Story: 50th Wedding Anniversary

The Golden Years
You’re probably already aware that gold is the official color for the 50th wedding anniversary. Why? Because 50 years together is truly precious and incredibly valuable. Start this amazing celebration by sending 50th wedding anniversary invitations with gold designs to the entire guest list. This Classic 50th Anniversary Invitation featuring raised printing in gold ink is absolutely timeless and elegant — a wonderful choice for such a meaningful occasion.

Continue the symbolism of gold throughout the anniversary party, from the decorations to the dessert! The 50th Anniversary Rhinestone Cake Pick is a great choice for topping that delicious cake everyone will be admiring. The beautifully decorated cookies shown above are also a lovely choice, and definitely something your local baker could throw together for the celebration.

Tell a story…
Wedding anniversary parties are all about telling a love story and with 50 years under the couple’s belts, there is a lot of story to tell! Incorporate as many photos into the decorations as you can. Children, grandchildren, relatives and friends will all love admiring photos of the couple’s life together from early on to present day. The table centerpiece shown here is a beautiful and clever way to display photos throughout the venue. An entire table dedicated to photos of the couple and the couple’s family creates a fabulous focal point and it’s the perfect place for guests to gather and reminisce.

Make it beautiful.
The best way to transform any venue is to focus on two things: the tables and the lighting. Make sure each table has some nice linen covers and a charming decorative centerpiece. Then add some additional lighting to create an intimate feel throughout the venue. If the party is indoors, focus on table centerpieces with candles and mirrors (to reflect the light). If the party is outdoors, gather strings of white lights from friends and family and hang them around the seating area. Guests will feel like they’ve walked onto the set of a blockbuster romance, and the couple will truly be honored by all the time, effort and love put into this celebration.

Photo Credit: Candles: sorta.com, Banner: June Bug Company via Ruffled, Lights: Thirty Handmade Days, Cookies: Cookie Connection, Centerpiece: Paisley Petal Events via A Blissful Nest, Couple: Jesse Holland Photography via Wedding Party