A navy wedding is a stunning wedding no matter what color is paired with it. Navy looks good yet never detracts from its surroundings. However, its incredibly versatile nature (hello, blue jeans!) means the power of navy can easily be overlooked, but not today…

Color Crush: Navy Wedding

Life in the navy.
If you’re a navy fan, chances are you have been for a long time. You appreciate this color for its stately nature and you’re well aware of all the colors that go beautifully with it (in fact, you might be interested in the navy and yellow color crush as well as navy and pink). You’d like to see your entire bridal party dressed in navy, and we love that idea! Check out the bridesmaid dresses in navy but with mixed materials and patterns. What a great way to add contrast. Oh, and blue suede wedding shoes? Awesome! An oversized bow on the wedding dress to match? Even better! The groom’s navy striped tie is the perfect complement.

I feel so blue without you…
Invite your wedding guests with navy blue wedding invitations and give them just a taste of how stylish your wedding celebration is going to be. This Simply Stunning Invitation in Navy is actually foil stamped in matte white. Simplicity is key in making this invitation shine, and boy does it shine! Be sure to find other stationery like menu cards and table cards that feature this beautiful hue to keep your wedding colors flowing from ceremony to reception.

It’s a set up!
Navy sets the scene for other colors to take the spotlight! Just look at how the cream colored flowers glow against the navy tablecloth beneath them. Notice how the gold trim on the dinner plates shine when surrounded by this incredibly rich color. Navy blue lace against a white wedding cake is another fabulous display of contrast. In fact, lace is hugely popular in weddings right now and we’re certain to have some lace wedding invitations to represent your love for vintage style.

Photo Credit: Groom: Jasmin Star via Deer Pearl Flowers, Table: modwedding, Bride: Paula Player Photography via Style Me Pretty, Bridesmaids: Brett Heidebrecht via Grey likes weddings, Shoes: Deer Pearl Flowers, Cake: Anneli Marinovich via B.Loved