Gender reveal parties are quickly growing in popularity and we can see why — they’re a blast! (Click here to learn more about the gender reveal party.) Here are our 5 favorite gender reveal ideas. Once you’ve chosen how you’re going to reveal the good news, make sure you find some gender reveal invitations that fit the party theme!

Gender Reveal Ideas

1. Gender Reveal Cake or Cupcakes
Head to your local baker to make sure this delightful treat is done perfectly! Just hand the baker an envelope with the slip of paper given by the doctor and they’ll make an awesome cake filled with either blue or pink frosting, candies, etc. Make sure the parents-to-be are the first to take a bite! If you like to bake and want to make the cake yourself, check out this recipe from Betty Crocker.

2. Helium Balloons
Decorate a large box with pretty wrapping paper and a nice big bow. Fill the box with the appropriate color of balloons but make sure the balloons are filled with helium. The couple opens the box to reveal a magical display of pink or blue balloons floating into the air.

3. Silly String
Get several cans of pink or blue silly string, and cover the cans with paper so no one sees the color. Give everyone at the party a can and when the time comes to reveal the gender, tell everyone to let the silly string fly! Guests can shoot it straight up into the air so everyone gets a dose or cover the parents with it!

4. Paint a Masterpiece
The parents will be given one small can of paint each. Make sure to keep the lids on the cans of paint so they don’t see inside. Put a blank white canvas on an easel with some plastic covering the ground. The parents will throw their paint at the canvas to reveal the baby’s gender, and they’ll have a fun piece of splash paint art to hang in the baby’s room.

5. Confetti
Confetti is always a great option when celebrating good news! Why not turn it into a gender reveal party? This can be done in several different ways but the most popular is to fill balloons with pink or blue confetti and have the couple pop the balloons to reveal the gender. Balloons popping and confetti flying creates a great moment everyone will enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cake: Betty Crocker, Balloons: Baby Center, Silly String: Beaux and Belles, Paint: Project Nursery, Confetti: Dreamtown Photo Co. via