Whimsical style encompasses so many baby shower themes we just adore, and we have baby shower invitations for them all from storybooks and fairytales to carnivals and elephants. However, one theme of whimsy that recently jumped onto the baby shower scene is Hot Air Balloons, and we are blown away (pun intended) with just how fun this baby shower look can be!

Style Story: Whimsical Baby Shower

Our style story starts with the Up Up & Away Baby Shower Invitation, which inspired the entire look for this whimsical shower theme. Beautifully decorated cookies and cake become a focal point of the shower, and an absolute delish delight later on. There are tons of inspirational phrases to incorporate like the “Dream Big Little One” artwork displayed in a gorgeous wooden frame. The travel-themed pinwheels made out of old maps are absolute genius, and paper lantern hot air balloons make guests feel like they’re floating in the clouds.

2. Classic
A classic baby shower can mean all kinds of things. Maybe mommy’s style leans more toward a tea party baby shower or a Noah’s Ark shower…either way we think momma will love this classic shower theme.

Style Story: Classic Baby Shower

Teddy bears! Few things are more classic than teddy bears, and we’ve created a style story that showcases this soft and cuddly companion perfectly. We started with the Teddy Bear Classic Baby Shower Invitation to set the mood for shower guests, and we made sure to include teddy bears at the actual shower in lots of different ways! You’ll see honey containers repurposed as drinking glasses with striped straws and an adorable tag for each guest. You’ll also see incredibly cute, French macarons designed to be teddy bear faces. The dessert table as a whole has stuffed bears to accompany all of the delicious treats. A light blue and brown color scheme pulls everything together with some bold stripes and pennant banners, which bring a bit of modern flair to the party.

3. Modern
Modern designs, styles and fashions are endless. Although these trends will pass with time, some will stick around and may even graduate to becoming tradition. Gender reveal baby showers are a great example of a modern day trend that is quickly becoming a staple, and it’s the subject of our modern baby shower style story.

Style Story: Modern Baby Shower

We’ve compiled some great ideas for a gender reveal baby shower, all of which start with the Team Colors Gender Reveal Invitation. This invitation inspired a few sports ideas like the scoreboard to cast your vote for boy or girl and the pennant banner decorations. There’s even push-pop confetti to celebrate the results! Add some pink and blue frosting dipped cookies, drinks with matching straws and an entire dessert table designed to be more than just delicious. Even if you’re not familiar with gender reveal parties, you’re starting to see a common thread, right? These parties are all about the parents finding out the gender of their baby alongside their closest friends and family. Who says there’s no sense of community left in modern day living?

Photo Credit: Whimsical: Cake: Jamie Zanotti via Party Wagon, Table: Photography by Costas via Kara’s Party Ideas, Bottles: Rebeca Bernal Galtes via Kara’s Party Ideas, Pinwheels: Ashley Maxwell via “I Do” It Yourself,  Artwork: Etsy, Cookies: hello baked

Classic: Table & Cake Pops: Hostess with the Mostess, Don’t feed the bears: The Cute Little Cake, Drinks: Let’s Explore, Banner: Daniel Tan Photography via Kara’s Party Ideas

Modern: Sign: Simply Brittany, Table: Yes Baby Daily, Cookies: Sprinkles for Breakfast, Confetti: Pink Olive, Drinks: Pottery Barn Kids