Custom stamps are one of the best investments a DIY bride can make! Adding the perfect personalized touch becomes a snap with these clever tools. Here’s why we love custom stamps and helpful tips for using them throughout your wedding, from the wedding invitations to the favors.

Custom Stamp Tips

5 Reasons to Love Custom Stamps

  1. Custom stamps by PSA Essentials are self-inking stamps, which feature a patented Peel & Stick design so you can switch stamps out quickly and easily.
  1. Each stamp comes with one stamper and a personalized stamp in your choice of design but the Peel & Stick technology means you can use the same stamper with different stamps. We offer five stamp packs with different design themes.
  1. The stamps never lose their stickiness, so you can stick them to the PSA stamper as many times as you like. You can even use them on acrylic blocks just like any other clear stamp.
  1. The custom stamps we offer were designed to compliment a variety of our more popular wedding invitations. (All stamp designs are available as address stamps and custom stamps.)
  1. Each stamp includes a black inkpad but we also offer inkpads in seven other colors and three dual colors. Inkpads are good for up to 10,000 impressions! (More colors are available. Find a store near you at

Custom Stamp Tips

5 Helpful Tips for Using Custom Stamps

  1. Practice using the stamp on scrap paper to make sure you get the alignment right before moving on to your wedding invitations or wedding favors.
  1. Custom stamps dry immediately on matte and textured papers but be careful with shimmer paper. The stamps need to dry for a few hours before the ink is set.
  1. When switching out the stamp, you can use an alignment tool to make sure the stamp is perfectly centered. Visit to see where you can purchase an alignment tool.
  1. We don’t recommend using custom stamps on napkins because the ink will bleed leaving you with a rather messy design.
  1. We DO recommend using custom stamps on favor boxes, favor tags and linen favor bags. Read our post, “Custom Stamps to Match Your Wedding” for some beautiful examples.