Our very own product development expert, Sara, had a beautiful little baby back in April. Naturally, we planned the cutest baby shower for her to show our excitement! The shower was held on April 1, just in time to give Sara a few necessities for the baby’s arrival later in the month.

Since this would be the third child to enter Sara’s family, we decided to do something a little different this time around. We wanted to help build Baby’s library. So we threw a book-themed baby shower, which means guests were invited to bring a book for Baby as their gifts!

Real Baby Shower!

1. We introduced the shower theme right away with the baby shower invitations. We customized the Learning Letters baby shower invitation with helpful wording to explain to guests their part in throwing a book-themed shower.

2,3. We like creative activities that get people interacting. Our first activity was to get everyone’s “mug shot” with their best guesses as to when the baby will be born along with Baby’s stats. We kept all the guesses so we could pick a winner when the big day came.

4. One of our fellow co-workers, Brooke, made some delicious cake batter popcorn, which she packaged up in clear favor bags. She then tied each bag closed with a bit of bakers twine and a clever “Ready to Pop” favor tag (printed in house). You can personalize plain white favor tags with the same saying or DIY the favor tags. The bags and twine can be found at your local hobby store.

5. And because we believe baby showers should be both pretty and practical, we set up a design-a-Onesie® station complete with plain white garments and fabric markers. Guests drew fun designs and sayings on each one so Mommy and Baby had plenty of fun options to work with in those first few weeks together!

6. Our final activity was hilarious but also very practical. We set out a pack of diapers for guests to write whatever they wanted. You can imagine the possibilities! “I’m pooped,” “oh, crap” and “poop happens” were some of our favorites. Now imagine Mommy and Daddy reaching for one of these diapers — we think they’ll enjoy these little pick-me-ups especially during those long sleepless nights.

7. Finally, we made sure to have some cold, tasty beverages on hand for everyone. We love these vintage-style soda pops. So reminisce of childhood. Who can resist such a tasty treat?

It’s worth mentioning that baby showers for children born later in the family are often called Sprinkle Showers. The idea is to throw a smaller party to give parents the things they might need if it’s been many years since they’ve had their last child. However, we don’t recommend a surprise Baby Sprinkle. Ask the parents if they’re on board. If so, get planning! Sprinkle Showers are just as much fun as baby showers.