Photos are a great way to make a personal connection with all of your wedding guests. Photo save the dates and photo invitations have become very popular for incorporating photos into the wedding but there are lots of ways to use your favorite photos, whether they’re engagement photos, wedding photos or just casual shots.

We’re showing you how to use photos throughout your wedding stationery with a quick rundown of the different photo stationery types and what style of photos you might consider using. You’re going to LOVE these ideas!

How to Incorporate Wedding PhotosEngagement Party: This is your big announcement, and it deserves a party! Invite your closest friends and family with engagement party invitations featuring your choice of photo(s).

Style of Photos: We suggest using fun and casual photos. Candid shots from your latest road trip or day at the beach would be perfect. You can even reach into an old photo album and use childhood photos for a nostalgic touch.

Save the Date: Everyone has such busy schedules these days, most couples are choosing to send save the dates to friends and family they MUST have at the wedding. What better way to get your future wedding guests excited than with photo save the dates?

Style of Photos: Save the dates are usually very casual. In fact, they often incorporate the couple’s unique hobbies or quirky sense of humor. You can use any photo you want — just make sure it’s good quality. A nice shot from your friend’s wedding last summer or a pic your dad took with his fancy new camera over the holidays will do just fine. Of course, save the dates are an excellent place to use engagement photos if you’re choosing to have them taken.

Wedding Invitations: Photo wedding invitations allow all of your guests a look at who you are as a couple. Close friends and family are going to love having a current photo of the two of you while more distant friends and family are going to enjoy seeing a small glimpse of the people you have become.

Style of Photos: We highly recommend using engagement photos for your wedding invitations. You can even find invitations that feature multiple photos if it’s just too hard to narrow it down to one (and it will be!). Check out our friends at Pear Tree Greetings for fun engagement photo ideas. Choosing the right kind of photo is important when personalizing your wedding invitations. Make sure your photo(s) complement the invitation’s design and colors.

Wedding Napkins: Custom wedding napkins are an easy and affordable way to add a personal touch to your wedding reception. You can choose from a variety of colors but we highly recommend photo napkins available in white or ecru.

Style of Photo: A nice close-up shot with your names and wedding date underneath is perfect. We like to see photos where the couple isn’t looking into the camera. They’re a little more casual and it adds a fun, lighthearted element to the décor.

Saying Thank You: Thank you cards are such an important part of the wedding journey. All of your wedding guests were gracious enough to extend a gift to both of you, which deserves a special thank you in return. Photo thank you cards are a great way to use that gorgeous wedding photography, and your guests will enjoy reliving the day all over again.

Style of Photos: You’re going to have so many beautiful wedding photos, you won’t know what to do with them all. Find a multi-photo thank you card like the In the Moment Thank You Postcard shown here and choose a photo from each part of the day. Guests will love it!

Happy Holidays: The holidays are your last chance to send something special featuring your wedding photos. Our newlywed holiday cards are designed to show off your photographs in cute, clever designs that celebrate your newlywed status.

Style of Photos: Choose your absolute favorite wedding photo and share it with all of your friends and family. You’ll find newlywed holiday cards that feature a few different photos, which is a real gift for you and the recipient!

Want more ideas for your photos from the big day? Visit Pear Tree Greetings for more ideas about what to do with your wedding photos.