What better theme for a baby shower than something as adventurous as hot air balloons? Vintage appeal, incredibly creative details and beautiful colors all come together to form an unforgettable baby shower look.

A short clip from the movie UP will put you in the mood for planning this fabulous celebration, and might we suggest the UP soundtrack as background music? So sweet.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitation

Up, Up & Away
A hot air balloon baby shower would not be complete without the phrase “Up, Up & Away.” We’ve chosen this adorable Up, Up & Away Petite Baby Shower Invitation to highlight this wonderful phrase and get guests excited about the shower theme. You’ll notice how the beautiful colors of this invitation inspired this entire look.

A Whimsical Way to Travel…
Now a novelty, hot air balloons were once an actual form of travel and this vintage theme wouldn’t be complete without incorporating maps into the decorations. We love these diy pinwheels made out of real maps from the blog, “I Do” It Yourself. These pinwheels are a clever way to use old maps or atlases normally stored in the attic, donated to the thrift store or even recycled.

Light as Air!
Old-fashioned hot air balloons are incredibly charming, and so are these homemade hot air balloon decorations! We simply can’t get over how beautiful they are suspended from the ceiling in the photograph shown here from Kara’s Party Ideas blog. We’ve always known paper lanterns are an incredibly versatile party decoration, but we could have never dreamed up this lovely canopy.

Sweet Details
Baby shower desserts are often a great place to incorporate your party theme. As you can see here, the cookies and cake are both beautifully designed around the hot air balloon motif. Of course, you run the risk of the desserts being too beautiful to eat! However, we think your guests will get over how CUTE they are and enjoy how TASTY they are.

Photo Credit: Cake: Jamie Zanotti via Party Wagon, Table: Photography by Costas via Kara’s Party Ideas, Bottles: Rebeca Bernal Galtes via Kara’s Party Ideas, Pinwheels: Ashley Maxwell via “I Do” It Yourself,  Artwork: Etsy