When shopping for a wedding invitation, be prepared to shop for all the parts and pieces that go with it. Every wedding invitation comes with an ensemble of stationery items, each item carrying essential information or playing an important role in your wedding planning.

Wedding Invitation BasicsThe Wedding Invitation is the main attraction. All the necessary details – who, what, where and when – are presented here.

The Reception Card is a simple enclosure that shares the what, where and when for your wedding reception. The reception wording can be included on the invitation if there is room. Some budget wedding invitations, like Seal and Sends, are designed to do so.

The Response Card allows guests to respond whether they will attend. The response is also where entrée choices would be listed if you were serving a plated meal. Some couples are choosing online RSVP services instead of or in tandem with response cards. Wedding Websites often include this service. We recommend Wedding Wire websites for RSVP services and so much more. They even offer designs to match some of our wedding invitations.

Thank You Notes are always necessary! You will want to send a thank you to every wedding guest for attending and/or sending a gift. Thank yous don’t have to match the invitation but we think it’s a nice touch.

Wondering how to assemble a wedding invitation? Pin this helpful diagram to your Wedding Pinterest Board for later reference. You’ll be glad you did!