Flowers have always been a popular theme for weddings but the types of flowers and the style in which they’re portrayed definitely change. Here are the Top 5 Floral Wedding Trends we’re seeing today as well as floral wedding invitations to reflect each trend.

Floral Wedding Trend


WEBSTER’S DEFINITION: Short for Bohemian, which describes a person living an unconventional life.

DAWN’S DEFINITION: A free spirited style often reflected in whimsical florals.

Floral Wedding Trend: Boho


WEBSTER’S DEFINITION: Of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance or quality.

DAWN’S DEFINITION: Timeless and elegant; often including ornate patterns.

Floral Wedding Trend: Vintage


WEBSTER’S DEFINITION: Having a simplicity and charm typical of the countryside.

DAWN’S DEFINITION: A love for all things natural and beautifully imperfect.

Floral Wedding Trend: Rustic


WEBSTER’S DEFINITION: A plot of land where herbs, fruits, flowers or vegetables are grown.

DAWN’S DEFINITION: Brilliant, colorful and full of life.

Floral Wedding Trend: Garden


WEBSTER’S DEFINITION: Pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

DAWN’S DEFINITION: Simply beautiful and without pretense. A genuine reflection of effortless style.

Floral Wedding Trend: Elegant

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