The epitome of north woods style, birch tree wedding invitations represent more than just nature’s beauty, they represent a lifestyle. Couples who appreciate the forest for its inspiration and even sanctuary from the stress of everyday life will find that birch-inspired invitations fit their natural wedding style beautifully.

Our designers put a lot of time and thought into mimicking the look of birch bark. Birch tree wedding invitations can range from simple etch marks to elaborate watercolor. Some of the designs use a textured paper to create a rustic look and feel, like our best seller shown below, Birch Tree Carvings. Other designs take a more contemporary approach, playing up nature’s sweetest moments like in Birch Lovebirds also shown below.

We know not every couple will fall in love with birch designs quite like we have, but those who appreciate these designs know exactly why we’re so enamored.

Top 5 Birch InvitationsFeatured Designs: Birch Tree Carvings – Invitation, Birch Bark Heart – Ecru – Invitation, Love for Infinity – Petite Invitation, Watercolor Birch Trees – Invitation, Birch Lovebirds – Invitation