Peach plus light blue is simply heaven on earth. This combination of wedding colors could be one of the most beautiful color palettes we have ever had the privilege of putting together. The ethereal nature of light blue paired with a tone as soft as peach has us in a trance and it will do the same for your wedding guests.

Peach & Light Blue Color Inspiration

Subtle hues are powerful, too.

It’s easy to get caught up in bold, vibrant colors when trying to create visual impact at your wedding ceremony and reception, but soft colors can also make a strong statement. The trick is in placement and overall coverage. The nice thing about subtle color is that you can use it everywhere. The more coverage the better but make sure you achieve a good balance. You can see how light blue is the focus in this color crush, which makes the peach really pop.

Peach wedding invitations and blue wedding invitations are easy to find in a variety of styles and designs. We’ve chosen a gorgeous, garden-inspired invitation with gold foil accents called Delicate Creations. We chose peach flowers but we also chose to personalize the wording in dark peach and light blue to pull in both wedding colors beautifully.

Colorful characters…

Celebrate the bride and the groom with attire and/or accessories that add a touch of character to the overall look. A groom in blue looks absolutely dashing, and light blue stilettos on a beautiful bride are like icing on the cake. Don’t forget the bridal party! Bridesmaids in flowing peach dresses will be a sight to behold, especially when standing next to the handsome groomsmen with coordinating peach ties.

Please be seated.

Create an ambiance like no other with reception tables decked out in blue linen napkins and coordinating floral arrangements. Your eyes are drawn to the blue while gold and peach accents lend a look of luxury. Simplify the floral arrangements to save a little money. There are plenty of inexpensive flowers like carnations and daisies that come in the same beautiful hues. Also consider using personalized wedding napkins instead of linen napkins to get that same pop of color for less.

Photo Credit: Bridesmaid Dresses: Colin Cowie Weddings, Shoes: Justin DeMutiis Photography via Elizabeth Anna Designs, Bouquet: Stephanie A Smith Photography via Every last Detail, Table Decor: Diary of a Srat Girl, Groom: Katie Vowels of Annie McElwain via Wedding Chicks, Cake: Jeremy & Kristin Photography via Wedding Chicks