“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.”

– Dr. Seuss

Sound like you or someone you know? There are few hobbies in this world that bring so much joy by doing so little. What better gift to give your child than the love of reading a good book!

Book Themed Baby Shower

The book themed baby shower is a great way to start your little one’s library. Here are three ways to do a book themed baby shower. You can choose one or all three of these ideas for the book baby shower you’re hosting.

  1. In Lieu of Cards

Guests bring their favorite children’s book and write inside the cover just like they would a greeting card. Guests can write any message they like or you can ask guests to write something special inside like why its her favorite children’s book. Since guests will likely bring other gifts, note on the baby shower invitation that the books don’t need to cost very much so guests know they can buy used.

  1. In Lieu of Gifts

Guests bring their favorite children’s books as gifts for the baby. Guests can give one book or an entire series. More than likely, the books to receive at this style of shower will be new and in excellent condition. So if you’re looking to create a children’s book library that’s full of meaning but also looks beautiful, this is your style of book themed baby shower.

  1. Book Party Theme

Perhaps the mother-to-be has a favorite children’s book or author. You can theme the entire baby shower around that book or author. Dr. Seuss baby showers are a very popular choice because the baby shower decorations are bright and colorful plus there are lots of books to choose from should you decide to ask guests to bring books in lieu of cards.

Every baby shower should start with the perfect baby shower invitation to let guests know what they have to look forward to. You can add wording for a book shower to any invitation design but we do offer a few storybook designs you might find especially charming. Check out The Story Begins invitation and the Learning Letters invitation.

 Book Themed Baby Shower