A gender reveal party is a celebration thrown for parents, family and friends to find out the gender of the baby. Parents can plan the party themselves or a friend/family member can plan the party.


How does it work? The parents plan an ultrasound with their doctor but instead of the doctor saying the gender out loud, he or she will write the gender on a note and slip it inside of an envelope. The parents can hand this envelope over to a friend or family member who has offered to plan the party. If the parents would like to plan the party, all they have to do is hand the envelope over to a baker. The baker will make a cake, cupcakes, etc. with pink or blue frosting inside.

Whoever is hosting the party will have the insanely fun privilege of choosing how to reveal the gender to all of the party guests. The news is often shared through a cake or cupcakes but there are tons of fun ideas out there! Check out these gender reveal ideas from our friend, Pear Tree Greetings.

The person hosting the party will also need to choose gender reveal invitations. We recommend finding something super cute to get guests excited for the big news! We’ve got lots of stylish designs to choose from as well as some simply adorable options. Take a look at the gender reveal collection and decide what you like best.

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