5 Reasons to Have a Couples Shower

Couples showers, wedding showers, Jack and Jill showers. Whatever you like to call them, they’re all focused on one happy task: celebrating the bride AND the groom! Here are 5 reasons you should consider a couples shower.

#1. Celebrate with ALL Your Friends
Couples and singles alike will be able to celebrate with the bride and groom, not to mention you’ll avoid antiquated rules like “girls only” when really what you’d like to do is invite your BFF whether it’s a guy or gal.

#2. Share the Love (and embarrassment)
Why wouldn’t the groom want to be honored as well as the bride? Plus, it takes a little heat off the bride to have her fiancé there to talk with everyone and help with that very awkward gift opening part. (Note: Be sure to find couples shower invitations that make it obvious you’re hosting a co-ed wedding shower. Guests’ gift choices will change. Browse our collection of bridal shower invitations to find an invitation for the wedding shower you’re planning.)

Couples Shower

#3. Um, it’s 2015…
Let’s skip all the stereotypical bridal roles and start allowing wedding traditions to catch up with today’s culture. Both the bride and the groom should be celebrated. Besides, friends and family will appreciate the opportunity to celebrate both the bride and groom with gifts they both can enjoy.

#4. Casual by Nature
Wedding showers with couples are more casual by nature, which makes planning a bit easier. You can even send e-cards as couples shower invitations. Check out this simple yet stylish option from our friends at Red Stamp, Scripted Shower. Red Stamp invitations can be sent as a card in the mail or as an e-card. Your aunts want a real invitation? Sure! Your college friends don’t believe in mail for anything but Amazon packages? Red Stamp is your solution.

#5. Alcohol
We’re not encouraging a kegger just because you’re inviting the guys (we’re also not saying it won’t be suggested), but since couples showers are far more casual, alcohol is totally acceptable and welcome by many. Consider these couple shower ideas by our friends at Pear Tree: a waffle bar with build-your-own bloody Mary drinks or an I Do BBQ with craft beers.

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