Couples have vow renewal ceremonies for all kinds of reasons but if you need a little nudge toward hosting your own, we’ve got the top 5 reasons you might want to get hitched all over again.

 Vow Renewal Ceremony

1. Your children can now be a part of the celebration.

Your children are old enough now where they can truly appreciate your renewal of wedding vows, and parents couldn’t be prouder to say their “I dos” all over again surrounded by the love of their children.

2. You can really do it right this time!

Maybe your wedding didn’t quite live up to what you had envisioned for such a special day. You could have been working with a tight budget, time constraints or any number of inhibiting factors. A vow renewal is your chance to create the celebration you have always wanted!

3. You’re celebrating an important anniversary.

An anniversary is a great time to renew your wedding vows. It’s a wonderful way to remind yourselves of how truly special your commitment to each other has been and always will be. Whether you’re celebrating a 5-year anniversary or a 50th anniversary, it’s the perfect time to host a vow renewal ceremony.

4. You’re recovering from a rough patch in your marriage.

There is no getting around the fact that marriage can be tough and often is for a lot of people but the point of commitment is to work through hardships and come out stronger. Renewing your vows is a meaningful way to reaffirm that commitment and celebrate a new chapter in your journey as husband and wife.

5. You really like to throw a party!

Why not? You can follow a vow renewal ceremony with one heck of a party! Besides, you’ve probably gained new friends and family throughout your time together. Now you can include them all in one of the most important events of your life.

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