Some believe country style and Western style is one in the same but we beg to differ. There is a big difference between the two, and if you identify with either one you know exactly what we mean.

Country Vs Western Wedding Invitations

Country style is soft, warm and welcoming. The country bride enjoys a few rustic elements throughout her wedding but the overall feel should be natural and beautiful. The wedding flowers play a big role in the country-style wedding. Whether the couple chooses hydrangeas or daisies, the flowers should make guests feel like they’ve just driven up to a country home complete with a wrap-around deck and a rooster weather vane at the peak of the house.

Country wedding invitations can be found in a variety of colors with all kinds of motifs. Nature-inspired florals and vintage lace are both popular choices for the country couple but our favorites really evoke a sense of being out on the farm with motifs like majestic oaks and mason jars.

Western style is much more rustic with an almost gritty quality. There is a true, down-to-earth feel in every detail. Much like a country wedding, a Western wedding might take place in a family barn or outdoors amidst the trees. However, the flowers and decorations will lean toward a more Western lifestyle such as horse riding and wood working. The Western bride might choose wildflower arrangements or evergreens and pinecones as table decorations.

Western wedding invitations have charming rustic elements like woodgrain backgrounds, horseshoe designs and wildflower motifs. Western invites reflect a rustic way of life while still maintaining a pretty “wedding” quality. We are big fans of “lucky in love” horseshoe designs! We also really like the look of wood panel backgrounds — they’re unique, they’re rugged and they’re great backdrops for your wedding details.