It’s December! Officially Christmas card season. Can I get a “Yay!”?!

I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail. There’s nothing better than finding a real hand-addressed envelope in my mailbox. Not a bill. Not a catalog. Not a take-out menu (don’t get me wrong, I do love those too). An actual, heartfelt, real, live piece of mail! Perhaps you’ve procrastinated and haven’t ordered your Christmas cards yet. It’s okay. There’s still time. It’s especially okay if your excuse for the procrastination is a brand-new baby. I mean really, is there a better time of year to welcome a new bundle of tiny into this world? Nothing else will make you slow down and realize what the season is all about, that’s for sure.

Also…excellent timing on your part! Way to go, Mama! Why am I so enthused?! You have an opportunity that few do! You can send a Christmas card and birth announcement in ONE. Sure, it saves time and money but more importantly, these designs are seriously adorable. This is the kind of holiday card that gets left on the fridge far past the holiday season is over. It’s just that dreamy. There are several new designs, but this is my fave – Christmas Cheer. The banner over your little peanut’s photo says, “Santa came early this year!”. How sweet is that?



Happiest of holidays, everyone! xoxo!

Featured design:Christmas Cheer