Hollywood A-listers like Dianna Agron, Halle Berry, Julianne Hough and Anne Hathaway are living proof that you don’t need long hair in order to have your pick of stunning styles. Short hair is chic, versatile and always in style. And one of the biggest perks, I think, of having short tresses is that they’re easy to manage! Here are some charming wedding hairstyles for you to choose from:


Dress it up with a headband
If you’re going to rock a pixie cut for your nuptials, like Emma Watson or Michelle Williams, you can dress up the cut with a dazzling headband. Go glam with a thick headband complete with plenty of eye-catching crystal detailing, or opt for a boho style with a crown of fresh flowers.

Try brushed waves
You can go the old Hollywood route with a bob of brushed-out waves. Complete the look with a totally chic and simple bobby pin to hold your bangs back. This style is perfect for a “The Great Gatsby” inspired wedding. Complement your vintage tresses with a faux fur, a crystal headband and a fringed wedding dress.

Add an oversized accessory
Include a statement piece in your locks, whether it’s one single big bloom or a charming feather a la Carrie Bradshaw from the “Sex and the City” movie. If you do choose to add a statement accessory to your hair, keep the rest of your jewelry simple so you don’t take attention away from your one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

Go edgy with tousled waves
There’s something so effortlessly beautiful about having that just-got-out-of-bed hairstyle. If you have a pixie cut, tousle the hair to the side for an edgy look. If your hair goes to your chin, you can pull it back into a messy side bun with stray pieces of hair to frame your face.

Rock a fascinator
Channel your inner Kate Middleton by wearing a fascinator to amp up your short hair. This decorative headpiece can consist of anything from beads and feathers to flowers and hair clips. A fascinator is most frequently worn for more formal events, such as high tea, garden parties and horse races. So if you’re having high-class nuptials, this fancy hat might be a great option.

Keep in mind that sleek, simple hairstyles usually pair better with smaller fascinators, while hair that’s thick and curly may call for a larger fascinator.

Wear a birdcage veil
Birdcage veils are popular among brides because of the beautiful vintage vibe they bring. These veils offer a subtle, sweet accent to any short hairstyle, whether you wear your locks up or down. You can choose to wear your birdcage veil in a number of ways – position it on the side of your head for a mysterious asymmetrical look, or place it on the top of your head to cover more of your face.

Stick to simple and sleek
You don’t need headbands, hats or veils in order to look beautiful on your wedding day. If you would rather opt for a simple, understated look by rocking sleek, straight hair, go for it! Accent your look with a string of pearls or some crystal teardrop earrings to add some classic glam to your ensemble.

Do you know how you’re styling your short hair for your big day? Share your thoughts with me!