Fresh snowfall in the backdrop of your wedding day photos, what more could you ask for? For the bride who is planning a winter wedding, a whimsical woods theme can make your big day as cozy as cuddling in front of the fire at a cabin. It doesn’t have to be all about reds and greens; instead, add soft hues to achieve a more rustic feel. Here are some great ways to incorporate a cabin in the woods theme into your wedding decor, no matter where your venue actually is:


The invitations
Let your guests know what to expect right off the bat with the Woodland Snowfall – Foil Invitation. Depending on your wedding colors, you may decided to go with silver or gold. If you’re looking for a whimsical woods theme, gold will likely better suit a palette of creams, tans and browns. However, silver can bring a bit of the ice princess look into your decor. With any luck, your wedding day will mimic the invitation with a dusting of snow.

You can have your bridesmaids carry bouquets made of pinecones, pine or Douglas fir boughs, berries, peonies and other buds, all bunched neatly together with twine. Other winter flora to consider include succulents (which are resilient) and holly greens. Roses are a great option for adding your accent colors to the bouquets because you can can find them in nearly any color – making your options limitless!

Actually, you can use pinecones in a number of aspects of your wedding decorations. As this couple featured in Intimate Weddings discovered, a bouquet of pine cones actually looks quite lovely. Other suggestions include using pine cones to hold your table numbers or name cards. Not only will that complement the your theme, but their smell will help with the outdoor feel too.

By the fire
While you may not be able to find a ballroom with a fireplace, there are plenty of ways to incorporate that fireside feel in your decor. Lanterns and paper luminaires with candles inside can line your walkway or become part of your table centerpieces. If you are able to, hang candle chandeliers throughout the venue – maybe you will even find one shaped like antlers. If you are unable to use flamed candles, there are battery-operated ones available that can help to achieve the same ambiance.

When you’re planning a woods-themed wedding, there’s a good chance that wood is going to play an important role in the decor. Birchwood will provide your design with an elegant feel that still has that rugged appeal. You can use small logs as part of your centerpiece design, or as stands for plates of sweets and other treats at your dessert table. You might even want to carve you and your spouse-to-be’s initials into the wood for a more personal touch.

Get crafty with your favors and wrap a treat or other memento in a cardboard snowball, as shown in Brides magazine. Fill the fuax snowballs with an evening snack of caramel corn or a note to your loved ones thanking them for being a part of your journey together as a couple. You could also bring the design into your place cards, adhering a satin bow to the top of each snow ball with a tag listing your guests’ names .

Hot cider
Warm your guests, young and old, up with a mug of hot cider at your reception. The adults in the crowd can enjoy hot spiked cider at the bar. Most recipes call for whiskey, and some include apple liqueur, so just make sure the bartender has the necessary supplies to whip up your wedding cocktail. You can also swap out traditional red wine with hot mulled wine during dinner – or at least have it as an option.

Woods covered in snow may make for beautiful ceremony photos, but you need to ensure that you you don’t catch a cold on your wedding day! Most gowns aren’t going to provide the warmth you need, especially as the snow is falling. Pair your dress with a mink shawl – something in a cream or soft brown to match the cabin colors. You may want to have your bridesmaids purchase similar-colored wraps to wear during the ceremony.

The venue
We’ve talked a lot about additions you may or may not be able to make to your wedding venue to achieve a woods winter wedding theme, but picking the right venue can take some of the work off of you. Consider picking a nearby ski lodge to host your ceremony and reception, and you’re sure to find that the venue fits right into the cabin feel you’re looking for. If you live somewhere warm, you may want to plan a destination wedding instead.