When you think “wedding party” you probably imagine the bridesmaids and then the groomsmen. But what if you’re the bride and your best friend is a guy? Or what if the groom wants his sister to stand on his side? Feel free to break the mold with a mixed gender wedding party. Here’s how to pull it off:


Choosing the right attire
Obviously not all of the wedding party will be wearing dresses, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t look coordinated and pulled together. Select a single hue that is represented in each person’s outfit. For instance, if your wedding theme is navy and blush, you can have the women in the party wear blush gowns, and the men can rock dark navy suits with a blush tie. Ultimately, how you dress your wedding party is completely up to you. Don’t be afraid to play around with different outfits and combinations until you find one that sticks.

Walking down the aisle
If you don’t have an equal number of men and women in your wedding party, then you’ll have to think of alternative options for your processional. You can have wedding party members walk down the aisle solo, or you can have two people of the same sex walk down the aisle together (they don’t have to link arms). One couple even chose to have their wedding party walk down the aisle in groups of three.

Pull off a coed bachelorette party
Your bachelorette party is going to include both men and women, so it’s important that you think about what everyone wants to do. For instance, the guys might not be psyched to go to the nail salon, while the women may not want to go hunting or play poker. Brainstorm party ideas that everyone will love, like renting a boat for the day and going tubing or just soaking up the sun. You can also go camping and spend a fun night in the woods with a few tents and sleeping bags.

Giving gifts
If your wedding party consists entirely of girls, you may want to get them necklaces with their initials engraved or a set of colored nail polishes. If you have men in your bridal party though, they may not be as thrilled with the gift you’ve chosen. But don’t sweat it – if you have a mixed gender wedding party, you don’t have to give everyone the same gift. You could give the guys one thing and offer the women something totally different. You can also consider presenting them with a neutral gift, like a bottle of wine or a set of drinking glasses.

Are you considering a mixed gender wedding party? Share your thoughts with us!