Planning a fall wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase the season in all aspects of your big day. From your bridesmaids’ gowns to the cake, bring a flash of autumn into the color palette for a timeless theme. So, what puts the icing on your cake? Try one of these fall wedding cake trends for your dessert table:


A classic look for any time of year, ruffles continue to be a go-to “pretty” design for cakes. So how do you incorporate the fall theme into a ruffled cake? One popular choice is going for an ombre coloring. From the bottom tier up, start with a darker shade of brown, rust or crimson and have the icing color gradually lighten. This look is eye-catching and right on trend for the fall.

Since the weather has cooled off, you may have opted for an outdoor theme at your indoor wedding this fall. The perfect complement to your theme: a woodland cake. This is ideal for showcasing a backwoods feel into your complete wedding design. For a delicate touch, you can include flora and fauna aspects into the wooden accents of your cake. Better yet, you can balance the masculine and feminine feel of the cake with different touches to the coloring and embellishments.

Burnt gold, bronze and even silver can add an art deco, vintage vibe to your autumn wedding decor. Depending on the level of glitz and glam you’re looking for, opt for just accents with glitter or metallic embellishments. But if you’re looking to go all out, choose a top-to-bottom metallic wedding cake. Don’t worry – the designs are both beautiful and edible! A floral design is sure to come together with the rest of your fall theme.

You read that right, cakes are going nude for the fall. How so? Instead of using icing on the outside of your cake, stick to fillings between the layers. You can pick one flavor throughout or change it up between each tier. Depending on if you’re sticking to a classy or rugged theme, the cut of your cake can play it’s part.

For a classic cake, you can pair that naked look with fruit. Perhaps a spiced cake with cream cheese filling between the layers and topped with apples – it will look and taste like fall! Other fruits to consider accenting the simplistic design can include figs and cherries.