Wreaths aren’t just used for hanging on your front door during the holidays. This beautiful accessory can be incorporated into your big day to bring beauty to your ceremony and reception. Whether your wedding wreath is made up of hydrangeas and roses or is filled with baby’s breath, I’ve got a few different places you can hang this beautiful piece of decor:


On doors
Whether you’re getting married in a church, a country club or your own home, set the tone for your event by placing decorative wreaths on the front doors of your ceremony venue.

On the chairs
Hang small wreaths on the chairs or pews lining the aisle that you’re going to walk down. This is a great way to decorate the processional.

On reception tables
Wreaths don’t have to hang on anything – they can be laid down in the middle of each reception table. Fill the middle of the wreath with candles of various sizes for a stunning centerpiece.

On your head
A wreath full of flowers and greenery can make a beautiful addition to your bridal hairstyle. The wreath lends itself to a boho, rustic style that looks effortlessly beautiful. You can consider having your flower girl rock a similar crown of blooms on her head as she walks down the aisle. A small wreath of baby’s breath is perfect for a little girl.

On your backdrop
Use a beautiful wedding wreath to adorn the backdrop at your ceremony. You may want to choose a flower or plant with appropriate symbolism. For instance, a wreath made of wheat represents wealth, while white roses represent purity.

On a tree
Are you getting married outdoors? If so, fill the trees around your ceremony or reception area with colorful wreaths. They will set a whimsical tone for your walk down the aisle. You can give wreaths to guests for fun summer wedding favors.