Have you selected your color palette for your upcoming fall wedding yet? If not, I have three beautiful hues that you might want to check out: Aurora red, misted yellow and aluminum. These are just three colors that Pantone recently selected for their hot color lineup for autumn. Aurora red is bold and bright, while misty yellow contains undertones of rich gold. Aluminum is a gray or silver hue that provides the perfect subtle contrast to the other shades.

Red, yellow and silver hues are pretty individually, but it’s when they’re combined that they really shine. Nothing screams a cozy, inviting and breathtaking fall wedding like red, yellow and silver. Check out these ideas for mixing these shades:


Wedding invitations
Show excitement for your fall wedding with this Autumn Love Wedding Invitation. Not only does it embrace gold and red hues, the stationery features fall leaves surrounding your names in the shape of a heart. A wood background lends a rustic touch to this double-sided, photo wedding invitation.

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses
Select your favorite hue of the three you’re using and have each of your bridesmaids wear a different shade of that particular color. For instance, let’s say you choose for your girls to wear aluminum. Select dresses in a light gray, a dark gray, an in between gray and a metallic gray. They’re all different in their own way, but will still appear pulled together. Contrast your bridesmaids’ neutral gowns with a bouquet of aurora red blooms wrapped at the stems with a misty yellow ribbon.

Multi-colored macarons
Serve red, yellow and gray macarons alongside your cake, in place of your cake or even on your cake! The best part about macarons of course is their decadent flavor, but they can be made in virtually any color, making it simple to adhere to your fall color palette. Display the macarons in a stunning gradient of autumn hues on your dessert table. You can also consider sending your guests home with the delicate cookies as a wedding favor. Place three (one of each color) in a clear plastic box and tie it up with an aluminum colored ribbon.

Reception table variety
You have more than a few options when it comes to combining these three fall hues on your reception tables.

One color, different tables: Instead of having all three colors at one reception table, you can choose to use one hue at each table. For example, arrange a variety of aurora red blooms at one table, and misty yellow buds at another.

Multi-colored tables: Create a gradient of fall colors at your reception tables by grouping together both yellow and red flowers. Incorporate aluminum with silver beads in your arrangements or by placing your flowers in metallic aluminum vases.

Bridal accessories
Choose one of your autumn colors to incorporate into your bridal ensemble. Having a bright hue somewhere on your ensemble can help your white gown appear even more stunning. Rock a crown of aurora red flowers, wear a misty yellow statement necklace, or wrap an embellished silver belt around your gown for a touch of glam.

What fall colors will you be using in your wedding? Share your thoughts with me!

Photo Credits: Floral bouquet: Red Fly Studio via Style Me Pretty, Candles: Ruffled, Groom: Dasha Caffrey via One Fab Day, Shoes: Loverly, Yellow Dresses: Krissy Allori Photography via Style Me Pretty, Cake: Meg Ruth Photography via Style Me Pretty