As fun and exciting as wedding planning can be, there is a stress element that comes along with it. Until you’re engaged, you don’t realize how many little things you have to figure out, like the number of napkins to get, where to rent your tablecloths and what font to choose for your wedding invitations. But when you look at the big picture, there’s only one thing that matters: You’re getting married to the love of your life. So take a deep breath and check out these items that totally aren’t worth stressing about:


1. Engagement pictures
What should we wear? Where do we take them? When do we take them? How do I pose? What if I don’t like the pictures? There are so many questions that can be the cause of stress when you’re thinking about taking engagement pictures. However, this should be the last thing that you fret about. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident, and just go out there and enjoy the time with your spouse-to-be. Forget the camera is there and just relax – that’s when you’ll get the most genuine photos.

2. Past weddings
Thanks to social media, we have become a generation that compares. We compare our bodies, our hobbies, our hairstyles, our clothing, and yes, even our weddings. Stop thinking about past weddings you’ve seen or attended and how you can top that. Focus on planning a big day that’s centered around you and your other half. Think about what you want – after all, this is YOUR day!

3. Your weight
Many brides have a goal to get in shape for the big day, and that’s awesome! But make sure you’re setting healthy, attainable goals. Your weight should never be a cause of stress – you’re going to look and feel beautiful the minute you walk down that aisle regardless of the number you see on the scale.

4. Disappointing others
Sometimes family members and friends can be very vocal about what they want or what they think you should do for your wedding. Maybe your mom wants you to get married in a church, but you’ve always dreamed of tying the knot in a garden. While you can certainly take everyone’s opinions into account, you have to remember that this day is focused around you and your fiance, not them. With every decision that you make, think about whether you’re making it for the two of you or for someone else. Stop worrying about what others want and focus on what you want instead.

How do you get rid of wedding planning stress? Share your thoughts with us!