There are more than a few ways to bring a bit of glitz and glam to your wedding, like adding crystal embellishments to your dress and shoes or hanging grand chandeliers from the ceiling of your reception venue. But the colors you carefully select for your big day can also add an air of sophistication to your nuptials. Jewel tones like dazzling blues, rich magentas and brilliant emerald greens all set the tone for a luxe and simply stunning fall wedding. Here are a few of my favorite tips for incorporating jewel shades into your big day:


Use a mix of finishes
When it comes to the dresses, ties, suits, shoes and reception decor, try mixing a variety of matte, shiny and shimmering finishes. For instance, combine a crystal plum charger plate with a glossy white dinner plate topped with matte purple menu cards. The variety of textures adds¬†character to your reception tables. Mixing textures is especially important if you’re using the same shade throughout your big day.

Combine with metallics
Shades like plum, navy, sapphire and ruby red all boast an opulent, regal vibe.¬†That’s why they pair extremely well with shades of metallic, like bronze, silver, gold and copper, which also lend themselves to glamorous affairs. There are so many different, subtle ways to introduce metallics into your big day. Ask your baker to add a bit of gold detailing to your cake, paint the bottom of your shoes with some gold glitter and Mod Podge, or wrap an embellished silver sash around your bridesmaids’ jewel-toned dresses.

Blend with light hues
Because jewel tones are so rich and opulent, you can balance them out by pairing them with lighter, more subdued hues such as creams, whites, grays and browns. You can even use a lighter color that’s in the same color family. For instance, opt for bridesmaid dresses ranging from deep emerald green to a lighter hue of Kelly green. Your wedding party will look varied, but well put together. This is the perfect opportunity to embrace the ombre trend. Gradients of jewel tones can create stunning cakes, floral arrangements and table settings.

Quick tip: If you can’t choose just one jewel tone, your bridesmaid dresses offer the perfect opportunity for you to use all of them! Stick to a satin-like material to keep the gowns light and reflective.

What jewel tones are you using in your autumn wedding? Share your thoughts with me!