Many girls dream of their significant other getting down on one knee and proposing marriage while slipping a beautiful rock onto their finger. But once couples do decide to get engaged, how long should that engagement last? On one hand, the thrill of being able to call one another fiance is quite exciting, and you want to drag that out as long as possible. But on the other hand, you want to actually be married. So what are the pros and cons to having a long engagement? Let’s break this down:


The pros:

You can take your time
If you’re not actually tying the knot for awhile, you can really enjoy the engagement and move slowly when planning the event. Go ahead, stare at your ring for hours on end – you have time.

You can book far in advance
Is there a venue that you’ve always dreamed of getting married in? If so, a long engagement will hopefully give you time to book a date there far in advance.

You can experiment with DIY
If you’re a crafter at heart, you’ll have plenty of time to experiment with various wedding-inspired DIY projects. With a short engagement, you’re better off leaving things like wedding invitations and floral arrangements to the pros.

Time to save
Having a long engagement allows you and your other half to save up for the wedding of your dreams.

The cons:

You may second guess yourself
Because you have the privilege of being able to take your time making decisions, it’s not unusual to rethink your choices. Having a short engagement forces you to trust your instincts when making choices about everything from your dress to the color palette.

Friends get married before you
Sometimes friends get engaged around the same time as you, but then tie the knot way earlier than you and your fiance. Having others wed in such a short time period can make you second guess your decision to prolong the wedding. But it’s important to keep in mind that you and your spouse-to​-be are simply on your own timeline – and that’s more than OK.

The anticipation of your actual wedding day may make you wish you had chosen an earlier day. The waiting might seem like it will never end, but it’s sure to be worth it!

Wedding trends change
What may be in style when you get engaged might no longer be all the rage when you actually walk down the aisle.

Are you and your fiance opting for a long engagement? Share your thoughts with me!