Instead of going the traditional route and having guests throw rice, newlyweds are opting for something a little more bold: sparklers. And after seeing all of the adorable Pinterest pictures of couples exiting through a tunnel of light, it’s not difficult to figure out why this trend has taken off. In order to get those wow-worthy photos, you must keep a few things in mind:

Time is of the essence
You don’t want your guests lighting their sparklers at different times – that won’t result in a very dramatic exit. Instead, let your guests know where to be and when by displaying a fun sign at your reception.

Pass out sparklers
There are a number of ways you can distribute the sparklers to your guests. Place one at each setting at the reception tables, or display the sparklers in buckets near the doors. Guests can grab one on their way out and be ready to send you and your new spouse off properly.

Opt for large sparklers
The bigger the sparkler the better. Large sparklers typically last longer (about 4-5 minutes) than the smaller varieties.

Matchbook favors
Having one lighter to pass around wouldn’t be very efficient. Instead, consider giving out wedding-themed matchboxes to each guest. They’ll use these long after your big day has passed, and the matches will be perfect for lighting the sparklers.

Talk to your photographer beforehand
It’s important that your photographer is prepared for this photo shoot, so let them know your sparkler plans before your big day. This way, they’ll know where they should be when the time comes. That being said, you can help out your photographer by walking through the tunnel of sparklers instead of running. This will give them time to get the perfect shot (or shots).

Set out water buckets
To prevent any fire hazards, have buckets of water set out near your exit. This will give guests an appropriate and safe way to dispose of the used sparklers.

Will you be doing a sparkler send-off at your wedding? Share your thoughts with me!

Sparkler Send OffPhoto Credit: Mike Reed Photo via Style Me Pretty