Thank you cards are as essential to your wedding as the dress, cake and rings. After all, your guests traveled all this way just to celebrate with you and your other half, so why not take the time to thank them? Here’s everything you need to know about wedding thank you cards, from when to send them out to what to write:


Think ahead
You shouldn’t be considering what thank you note stationery to purchase after you’ve tied the knot. Order your thank you notes when you order your wedding invitations. This way, you’ll already have them on-hand when early wedding gifts start to arrive. Plus, when your big day has come to an end, you won’t have to worry about finding thank you cards – you’ll already have them.

Bring envelopes to your wedding
One of the most tedious parts of sending out thank you notes is the process of writing down everyone’s name and address. Save yourself a whole lot of time and frustration by bringing the thank you note envelopes to your wedding day. Set them up next to the guest book, and ask your loved ones to jot down their name and address on the envelope. It will only take them a few extra seconds, and you’ll already have addressed envelopes ready to go when it’s time to send thank you notes!

Keep a list
Always keep a list of the gifts you receive at and before your wedding (your maid of honor can help out with this). Jot down the name of the person and the gift they got you so you can reference the list when it comes time to write the thank you note. Help yourself out by being specific when describing the gift. You might get a few different wine glass sets, so make sure to differentiate between each one.

Don’t wait
Ideally, your guests should receive their thank you notes no more than one month after you get back from your honeymoon. You and your other half can tag team these notes to ensure they get done in time – ask him to write thank you​’s to his side of the family, and you can write notes for yours.

Keep the note short and sweet
I’m sure you don’t want to write a long, lengthy note, which is good because your guests won’t want to read it. Instead, keep your note short and sweet, getting to the point immediately. You should identify the gift you received and mention how you and your new spouse will use it. End the note with another thank you, and sign both of your names.

Do you have any tips to share with me for writing wedding thank you notes? I’d love to hear from you!