At almost every wedding, you’ll find a cocktail bar – it seems to be an essential part of the wedding reception. While this wedding amenity is certainly popular, it’s not the only type of bar that you can have. Here are a few other fun ideas that you and your guests are sure to love:


S’more bar
If you’re looking for another sweet treat to accompany your tiered confection, consider s’mores (perfect for a rustic wedding theme). After all, who doesn’t enjoy melted chocolate and a fluffy marshmallow squished between two graham crackers? The good news is, you and your guests don’t have to be sitting around a campfire in order to enjoy s’mores. Round up all of the classic ingredients (graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows) on a table, but don’t be afraid to add other creative ingredients as well, such as Nutella, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, whipped cream, vanilla wafers, chocolate chips and cinnamon. You’ll also want to include sticks so your guests can roast their marshmallows from a distance. If you don’t have a campfire accessible at your reception venue, you can use small burners as your flame source.

Hot chocolate bar
Looking for a way to warm up your guests during a fall or winter wedding? Comfort your loved ones with a hot chocolate bar. Both kids and adults love this beverage, but everyone likes their hot cocoa prepared differently. Some like it with the mini marshmallows, while others enjoy a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Appeal to everyone’s personal preferences by setting up a table with a variety of trimmings, like peppermint, marshmallows, whipped cream and a little liqueur of your choice (adults only, of course).

Mimosa bar
I absolutely love the idea of a brunch in lieu of the traditional wedding reception. It’s an adorable way for you and your spouse to jumpstart your new life together. You can offer the ingredients for a classic mimosa (champagne and orange juice)¬†along with a variety of other options. For example, let your wedding guests choose from strawberry, grapefruit, pineapple, peach or mango juices. It’s also a good idea to set out some club soda for those who would prefer a nonalcoholic alternative. Color your table with sliced fresh fruit, like pineapple, pears, oranges, raspberries and more. Don’t forget about the champagne flutes!

What type of bar will you be having at your wedding reception? We’d love to hear from you!