In today’s digital world, Instagram, Facebook¬†and Twitter are a part of almost everyone’s daily lives. These social media platforms have even found their way into the wedding industry. Even if you’re not able to attend a wedding, you can still read about it and see pictures on Twitter, Facebook and¬†Instagram. Here are some tips for using social media on your wedding day:


Decide whether or not you want it
Some brides and grooms decide that their big day is better off without social media. They would rather have their guests be mentally present while watching the exchange of vows, instead of coming up with hashtags or uploading pictures. If you decide to have a social media-free wedding, let guests know ahead of time so they’re not surprised. You can mention on your wedding website and in your wedding programs that you would rather not have cameras and phones out during the ceremony. You can also place a friendly sign outside of your event that kindly explains to your guests that they’ll have to hold off on the social media posts until the reception.

Live tweet it!
If you have relatives or friends that couldn’t be present for your big day, why not live tweet your wedding? This way, all of your loved ones will know exactly what’s happening and can celebrate from afar. However, we’re not suggesting that the bride or the groom be typing away on their phones in between vows. Instead, designate someone in your wedding party or another friend to be the “tweeter of honor.” They can keep your followers updated while you enjoy the bliss of saying “I do.”

Create a hashtag
It’s likely that more than a few of your guests are going to be using Instagram on your big day. Instead of having to track down all of the pictures that they took during the event, you can create a hashtag that puts the photos all in one place. If you’re not already familiar with hashtags, it’s a word preceded by the pound sign. All you have to do is search the hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll be able to have a virtual wedding photo album. Create a hashtag that is unique to your event – it could be a combination of your name and your future spouse’s name (#laurenandbenwedding), or even the date or location of your wedding. Place a sign at the front of your wedding reception that lists the hashtag guests should be using.

Will you be utilizing social media on your big day? Share your thoughts with us!