Having trouble deciding on a wedding theme or invitation style? Look no further! Invitations by Dawn has done the work for you and organized the data for you in this fun interactive U.S. map to help you find out. Explore each state’s most popular wedding invitation styles by simply clicking through the map. Maybe you are curious what types of invitations brides from your home state are choosing or perhaps you want to find out what states buy the most wedding invitations. It’s all here! Here’s a quick snapshot in case you don’t have time to look through every state right now (but make sure you come back when you do have time).

The top three states that bought the most wedding invitations over a year’s period include:

  1. California – 39,889 wedding invitations
  2. Texas – 34,374 wedding invitations
  3. New York – 30,488 wedding invitations

The top three wedding invitation styles across the country include:

  1. Rustic Wedding Invitations
  2. Traditional Wedding Invitations
  3. Elegant Wedding Invitations