Before you walk down the aisle, go through your wedding checklist. Are you wearing your favorite necklace? Did you touch-up your makeup? What about your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? The pieces that you choose to fit this age-old saying are completely up to you. But one easy way to fill the “something blue” category is with flowers! Here are a few blue ideas for your wedding floral arrangements:

4229_zoomBridal bouquet
Whether you like just a little or a lot of blue, there are a variety of ways to blend the color into your bridal bouquet. An arrangement of white blooms, for instance, can be dressed up with a silky blue ribbon around the stem. You could also intertwine blue flowers with another contrasting hue like pink or purple for a dramatic-looking bouquet. If you would prefer that your entire bouquet be blue, consider blending multiple shades of the color, from light all the way to dark blue. This way, the arrangement will look coordinated, but the varied colors offer some visual appeal. Try incorporating some dark blue viburnum berries to add some texture and a beautiful contrasting color.

Give your spouse-to-be a blue boutonniere by pinning a bright blue dendrobium orchid to his lapel. If you want something a little more understated, try pairing a bright white flower with some baby’s breath and tying a dark navy ribbon around the stem of the boutonniere. Then the groom can coordinate that particular blue hue with his tie, bow tie or shirt.


Reception centerpieces
Don’t stop at your bridal bouquet and boutonniere! Incorporate blue into your reception centerpieces as well to pull your whole wedding look together. Gather glass cylinders of various sizes, fill them with water, and top them off with some floating blue flowers and lit votive candles for an intimate ambiance. If you have a rustic wedding theme, use slabs of wood as a base for subdued blue floral arrangements intertwined with plenty of greenery.

Will you be incorporating something blue into your wedding using flowers? Share your thoughts with us!

Photo Credit: Kate Headley via The Full Bouquet